27 MAY 1990 – 27 MAY 2020

Today is not just any other day, nor will it ever be for Parma Calcio.

Every Parma fan remembers exactly where they were on 27 May 1990, a date that marked a before and an after, because that day and that derby changed our Club’s history forever.

If Parma has been able to compete at the highest level of the sport for decades, obtaining trophies and international fame, it owes it to those who managed to write history, those who were the first to conquer a goal that until then had been no more than a dream for Parma Calcio.

If Parma is Parma, it owes it to the greatest President, Ernesto Ceresini. A passionate, instinctive and skilled President with strong ties to his city. He gave his all to Parma Calcio and fate cruelly took him from us before he could see with his own eyes what he managed to give Parma Calcio.

If Parma is Parma, it owes it to a team of young men, who put their mark on this Club and achieved a feat that remains one the greatest in our long history.

If Parma is Parma, it owes it to a coach and extraordinary man, Nevio Scala. A man capable of taking an entire city by the hand and leading it as the protagonist of this modern-day fairy tale.

Today, all of Parma Calcio 1913 pays tribute to those who had the courage, ability and ambition to turn a dream into a reality.

Everything passes quickly in life, but all of you will forever remain true legends.

Thank you.

Parma Calcio 1913