Felino (Pr), 9 October 2019 – Having raised a toast at Felino Castle – which was playing host to the inaugural B2B event for the 2019/20 sporting season organised by Parma Calcio together with Più Hotels group – Antonino Barillà met with journalists for a press conference

Here’s what he had to say:

“We needed a week’s rest to try and recharge our batteries, to forget about the match against Spal and to get ready to go again even stronger than before. Now and then there are those games where nothing goes right from start to finish, unfortunately we weren’t able to get the right reaction after the inital goal and we were knocked off our stride, but we aren’t overreacting: we will keep working like we have been doing because eventually the results will come.

“Genoa? If I’m looking at us honestly, we need to recover from that bad performance that we produced in Ferrara, therefore we are going to try and play with determination and desire. There is some regret at the lack of reaction at the time: we know that we can make a difference, so we know that we have to continue to work, and it’s also important that we start smiling again. Everything is calm at the moment and from next week we will start working again ahead of the match against Genoa.”

“There are those games where nothing goes right from start to finish, as the Coach said these matches happen once or twice in a season and now we have had one of those games, we will try to make sure we don’t make the same errors again. Do we need to become a tighter group? No, there’s no need because we are a great group, a group of guys who get on well together; we think highly of each other, we fight for each other. In this aspect we don’t need to work because we are growing as a group every day. But regardless we will train for the match like we have trained for every match, ahead of facing a Genoa side who – like people are saying – is having difficulties at the moment but we need to focus on keeping all 3 points at the Tardini: we need to raise our intensity levels and show the real Parma.”

“We had a positive start to the season, we played against strong teams and we matched them, we cannot just blame ourselves, with the exception of the match against Spal and the second half against Lazio; the work we do every week is paying off and we must continue in this way. We are playing in a Serie A where all of the teams are strong; it will be a real fight right up to the final day. At the end of the match a lot of things are said, if it had been a different result, well then everybody’s saying everything’s fine, but like I said, unfortunately nothing went right for us that game. Now we need to put that game behind us and focus on the upcoming matches, there’s still a lot of league games left to play.”