Parma, 1 December 2019 – Following the match against Milan, Coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the press at the Tardini. This is what he had to say:

“Today, we were playing a side who came into the game on the back of good performances, Milan are a prestigious tean. We had some difficulties, but I believe the biggest regret the fact that getting a point from the game would have been important when we consider our league position and the numerical difficulties we have, including not having a centre-forward at the moment. In the last two matches, we’ve thrown away points: we conceded in the last 15 seconds against Bologna and in the last four minutes today. For a team looking to avoid relegation this can’t happen, because getting points on the board is very important to achieve our objective. Of course, you can sit and talk about how good the performance was or not, but we need to think about the fact that we’ve thrown away a result that could have been important.

“In some situations, we could have done better. We often managed to escape their aggression and build passages of play quite well, but it’s clear that this wasn’t as much the case late on. In some situations they had more determination than we did,  both when we had the ball and when they had it. Their goal at the end was an example of this.

“As regards how long Cornelius played, an assessment was made that he wouldn’t be able to play for more than a quarter of an hour. There was heated debate with the doctors and members of my staff when we discussed putting him on slightly earlier. He’s only managed to train twice with the team this week, and we can’t afford to lose him at the moment. Before the game, we said he could play for 15 minutes and 20 at a maximum, so we did take a bit of a risk. There was a difference, even if Kuco had no chance of holding up the ball on certain occasions…

“As usual, Kulsevski showed great commitment, but we also need to point out that the game he played was in line with the rest of the team. I think that credit has to go to the opposition. We can’t dominate all matches and need to consider that we were playing Milan, a team that was built to qualify for the Champions League.”