Parma, 27 January 2019 – Following our 3-2 defeat to Spal at the Tardini, Coach D’Aversa had this to say to the press:

“In the heat of the moment, you must always be rational when analysing a match. For 65 minutes, the team played the match in an excellent manner, and the result at that point was right considering how we were playing. We then could’ve gone 3-0 up and Lazzarri also could’ve been given a second yellow. The mental aspect of the game then changed when they scored their first goal. We knew that there was the possibility that we would struggle physically in midfield due to the fitness of some of the players. After the equaliser, we had the chance to take the lead through Inglese, while then we could’ve also scored when we were 3-2 down. This was a game where we had many different chances but eventually ended up getting no points.

“There were the changes to change formation, but there weren’t any signals to indicate that there were any tactical problems. However, it’s not easy then you’re playing in midfield with three players who’re not in the best physical condition. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the fact that by being a bit more clever it is possible to get the result you want. We don’t want the physical condition of some players to be an excuse, and I also don’t want want to reproach the lads because they played well despite some players not being fully fit.

“Tactically, 4-3-3 is a system which we use every day in training because it’s the system that we play with. But if we analyse the goals, one came from a corner, another from a cross, so there’s not that much to analyse in terms of tactics. It’s clear that those who came on for Spal made a difference, with Valoti scoring for example. We prepared for them to be physical, the mental side is part of football and there at times when that’s more important. When you’re ahead, you can play in peace and control the game, but as soon as you concede, you start to play with fear.

“There will have been certain mistakes but we’ll analyse them calmly, you can never let up by an inch in Serie A. Does this defeat change something in terms of our objectives? I’ll never get tired of saying it, it’s good for me if the fans dream that the team does as well as it can. Then, the Club sets its objectives and the sporting director says that he’ll make moves to secure survival, so there are no doubts as to what our aims are. Today, we were winning 2-0 and unfortunately we’ve lost. Obviously, there’s something mental to work on, but I won’t criticise the guys because they played a great game until the 65th minute. Then there were 25 minutes where we made mistakes. We also need to consider that Kucka played for over 90 minutes, that Barillà was injured and that Scozzarella tried to stay on until the end.”