Genoa, 7 October 2018 – Following Parma’s 3-1 win against Genoa at the Ferraris, Roberto D’Aversa had this to say to the journalists assembled in the press room:

“Today the boys demonstrated that the strength of the group is a starting point from which absences can be overcome. But today I would like to talk about who played and showed that they deserve to be in this league such as Ceravolo or Siligardi.  I can only applaud the boys. They demonstrated that they are a team when we encountered difficulties. Ceravolo went off due to cramp.

“Genoa had won all of their home games prior to this one, they have excellent qualities. We were patient in our attempt to get back into the game and remained balanced. Then we went ahead, and if I look at the game as a whole I think it was deserved, although we did do better in the first half. It was important to get a result here.

“In terms of organisation, levels increase when the players out there do their jobs well – regardless of what system is played, interpreting the game well is important. I will make assessments during the week as regards the physical condition of the players and it’s important to involve as many players as possible. When you go into a game you’re always happy for those who have been picked to start, but it’s not easy to leave out players who have worked hard during the week to get themselves ready. Today’s match has shown that those who sacrifice themselves for the team are rewarded, and I’m thinking of Ceravolo when I say this.

Our objective is to stay up. It would be a big mistake to set the bar higher at the moment. We have to get as many points as possible regardless of who we’re up against to reach our goal. If I look at the games we’ve played so far, there are certainly things we need to improve, and this should override our happiness at obtaining the results we have. We shouldn’t feel completely satisfied, but we need to show belief in the work that we are doing.

“What happened with Biraschi? During games things can happen due to the competitive nature of what is going on, but when a game finishes a line is drawn under it. Stulac? He’s a very technical player but unlike other technical players he tends to cover a lot of distance: so far he’s seventh in the list in this regard when all the Serie A players are compared. It’s clear he has to improve: for example, he doesn’t always find himself in the right position, but we’re talking about a player who initially wasn’t a starter in Serie B and now he’s starting in Serie A. This proves that motivation is important and I’m happy for him. He could also improve in terms of his end product: we can make use of his set-pieces but he could also score a few goals. He shouldn’t feel completely satisfied.”