Parma, 4 December 2019 – At the end of the final training session before the game, Coach Roberto D’Aversa met with journalists at Collecchio to talk about tomorrow’s Coppa Italia game against Frosinone.

“We’ll certainly have to want to progress tomorrow, we can’t underestimate our opponents. We’ll have to be determined to make it through, with the ambition of playing a big game against Roma in the next round.

“I think that tomorrow will provide an opportunity for players who haven’t been involved as much to play, but I wouldn’t use the word turnover because the guys deserve to play based on the work they put in every week.

“We can’t think about chance, luck or misfortune. I congratulated the boys after the two home wins against Torino and Sassuolo, even if they were lucky it was because we were looking for the win. In these last two games we have to think about what we could have done better, how we could have avoided those situations where we threw away points late in the game. We have to be unhappy about how they went, and if we can win against Roma then we should be able to beat Milan too.

“My three years here? You know that I don’t like looking back at the past, but I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words in recent days. I’m not a fan of social media but I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has sent me personal messages of congratulations. I would never have thought that I could have achieved all of this three years ago and I couldn’t have done it without those around me. However this is not an end point, this should just be the start because we’ve still got a lot of room to grow. We can’t just be satisfied with what we’ve achieved, we have to try and do something new. In football the past counts for little; what matters is the present. Our current present is that tomorrow we face Frosinone, then we’ll turn our attention back to the league.

Tomorrow will by no means be an easy game, the majority of their players have played in Serie A. They’re coming off the back of some positive results and we can’t afford to underestimate our opponents. We need to prove that we’re a better team and bring home a result, that’s always what you set out to do in football, regardless of your opponent. My biggest concern is how we approach this match.

Siligardi has always been a true professional in my eyes, he always gives his all in training and he will most likely start tomorrow. Gervinho trained separately because he took a knock so hopefully there’s nothing to worry about there. Alberto Grassi will train separately until Friday, that’s a shame because it interrupts his flow but it’s nothing serious for him.

“Bruno Alves finished the game against Milan with a calf problem so we might not risk him, Cornelius also had a slight injury in training, while Scozzarella, Grassi and Gervinho all have minor injuries. That’s four players that we’re missing, which obviously causes some issues. Pezzella, Laurini, Brugman and Dermaku will probably all start tomorrow.

“Scozzarella did well when he played, we’ll be missing Grassi from midfield and I’ll have to push Kucka forward into the offensive line too. That said, we’re still using Barillà even though he’s not fully fit, but he always makes himself available even if he’s struggling physically. A gift for my three years here? I’ll ask the team not to underestimate this match and to make it through to the next round, then I’ll have a think about other gifts afterwards.