Parma, 11th February 2018 – After the game against Perugia, Coach D’Aversa has spoken with journalists.

“The lads have tried to score until the end, I think that today we’ve made a good job also by winning many tackles. Of course we do not like this result, but if we look back at what we did, we had two chances to score in the first half; in the second half they scored the 0-1 in the unique chance we conceded them, then we passed through 10 hard minutes and Perugia got closed the second goal”.

“It was very hard for to equalize the game, especially for what was happening around us in the stadium: now for us it’s more difficult to score maybe for the pressure we’re feeling. In the last part of the match I put on the pitch all our forwards and we had the chance to win it. We played with intensity but when you want to score you can also create too many spaces for your opponents counterattacks, but we avoided this situation”.