Genoa, 7 October 2018 Fabio Ceravolo, who started for the first time up front in Serie A for Parma Calcio, scored the third goal in the 3-1 victory at Genoa.

The Crociati striker had this to say after our second away win in Serie A this season:

“I feel good, I was substituted because I had cramp. We showed our strength by not caving in when we went behind. It wasn’t easy here in this stadium and with this crowd. It’s never easy here. We showed character in equalising immediately through Rigoni and then to take the lead and build on it through the goals scored by myself and Siligardi. We therefore proved to ourselves that we’re a good team.

“I’m extremely happy to get off the mark this season and I hope that I’ll be able to convert many more chances this season. Scoring in Serie A at the Marassi and winning is something quite special, and I still don’t quite believe it. Maybe it will take a while for what we’ve done today to sink in. Our strength is that we are aware of the qualities that we have. We are a team that doesn’t give a lot away. After scoring our third goal today, we wanted to keep the score intact, defend well and look to hit them on the counter. Now we’ll rest for a few days, recharge our batteries and get ready to go to battle again. We’re certainly still looking to avoid those relegation spots.

“We will experience more difficult times and right now we just have to think about getting as many points as possible. I really needed to score a goal to turn around my season. This was my best chance to do so. We continue to push forward on our path and we’re currently enjoying the moment. Serie A is difficult, it isn’t like Serie B. You have to make sacrifices in this league. In Serie B you might have three or four chances to score, while in Serie A you might just get the one. And once you take the lead, you need to sacrifice yourself for the team. We know that the first defenders are us attackers. The Coach is very good at knowing how to organise us in this respect.

“I haven’t paid attention to the criticism that has been directed towards me. I block it out and work hard both in training and on the pitch. I stayed at Parma because the club believes in me. When I get the chance to play, like today, I’ve got to make the most of it. I would like to dedicate my goal to my family, who are always there for me. They’re my strength. At the end of the season we’ll see where we are and if I have proved myself in this league. Today I made a start in doing so, and I hope this continues.