I’m Andreas Cornelius, I’m a striker, I play for Parma and I come from Denmark.

After the first interview in which we got to know Matteo Scozzarella better, it’s time to move our focus to another Crociati player. This time it’s Andreas Cornelius.

Here are some of his words:

“The differences between the leagues I’ve played in? First of all, the difference between Denmark and Italy is the quality: here is higher quality in all aspects. The Italian league is more technical than the Danish one: that’s the biggest difference, even though all the clubs in Denmark are well organised and on the whole physically strong, but the technical level is another thing. In England the pace of play is a bit quicker and it’s less tactical even though that’s changing with the arrival of foreign managers in the Premier League, the traditional English style is more combative and based on passion rather than tactics.”

“Parma against Genoa, my first career hat-trick? Of course it was a great feeling, it was a great game and a fantastic night for me. I’m happy to help the team by scoring and for me personally it was good to score three goals and perform well for the club.”

“I have a really good relationship with my family, and I grew up happy thanks to them. The reason why I said that my hat-trick was for my grandparents is because it was the first time they watched me live and so I was really happy to give them this experience, I’m sure it was also a great night for them.”

“An interview in Italian by the end of the season? Yes, definitely! I will do it, I only need to improve my confidence in talking: sometimes I speak a bit with my teammates, but only the simple things because – he laughs – I wouldn’t want to risk wasting their time by saying something that doesn’t make sense…”

“I like Parma a lot, it’s a lovely city from what I’ve seen so far, it’s easy to live here: the people are very friendly and I can go for a walk without any problems, it’s a great life.”

“My best goal…I don’t really remember… I’ve scored a lot of different goals… I like when I do the things I do best, when a good cross comes in and I meet it perfectly with my head or strike the ball well. Once when I was playing for Copenhagen I dribbled past four opponents in the box then scored, I’m not sure if that’ll happen again, that’s probably one of my favourite goals.”

“Music? I like the great classics, but I don’t mind listening to something a bit newer, I prefer lyrics that I can remember and sing along to, it’s difficult to do that with rap but with other genres it’s easier!”

“The number 11? I chose it because – he laughs – I’ve had more and more success every time I wear it…No, I’ve always played with the number 11 since I was a kid, and with Copenhagen, I’m not superstitious, but I don’t see why I should change things!”