Parma, 21 March 2020 – We’re back with some more recommendations on what to watch during this time. Here’s another list of football films that we think you must watch.

1 Bend it like Beckham (by Gurinder Chadha)

A real classic of the genre and if you’ve never seen it, now’s your time. Bend it Like Beckham is the story of Jess, a girl of Indian origin who lives in London and wants to grow her passion for football. Jess joins a local team, but her family doesn’t consider football a women’s sport. The protagonist has to assert her own will over that of her parents to fulfil her footballing passion. Spoiler: yes, the film has room for Beckham…

2 The Champion (by Leonardo D’Agostini)

One of the most recent feature films of this genre in Italy. Christian plays for Roma, he has vast amounts of talent but off the pitch his life is full of extravagances. He works with a teacher who aimed to help him mature as an individual. Stefano Accorsi plays the role of the guardian and has to make sure the boy gets back on track, he too seeks some kind of redemption after some personal problems.

3 Jimmy Grimble (by John Hay)

This is a classic for the whole family. Jimmy is a teenager who’s in love with football and Manchester City, but can’t express his talent when others watch him. That is until he gets some football boots that used to belong to a former City player and have magic powers…

4 Looking for Eric (by Ken Loach)

Yes, Eric is Cantona, the ‘90s football icon who responded to Loach’s call in 2009 to star in this film. Eric, however, is also the name of the other protagonist, a postman who lives and works in Manchester and is experiencing an unhappy time in his life. It’s the other (and more famous) Eric who helps him out.

5 Maradona by Kusturica (by Emir Kusturica)

A 2008 documentary directed by the famous Serbian filmmaker which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. In it Maradona’s life is narrated through the places where he lived, from Buenos Aires to Cuba, and of course passing through Naples. This is a must watch for those who love finding out about great athletes’ lives.