Parma, 16 March 2020 – After recommending five movies to watch during these tough times, we’ve now chosen five books to read.

Here are our choices:

1. Futbol (Osvaldo Soriano, Einaudi)
For those who love short stories, this book is practically unmissable. Osvaldo Soriano, a player with great prospects saw his career stopped by a car accident and decided to stay in the footballing world by writing and thus he gave us this collection of short stories in which Coach Peregrino Fernandez and Butch Cassidy’s son live together.

2. What we think about when we think about football (Simon Critchley, Einaudi)
A football essay written by an academic? Don’t worry, you won’t get bored nor is it difficult to interpret. Critchley’s book, which shows that Nietzsche and Ranieri have more in common than you may think, is useful to understand to social value of football, as well as its rituals.

3. Nothing more beautiful in the world (Enrico Brizzi, Laterza)
This book tells of the evolution of football in Italy, Brizzi writes combining the passion of a fan with the rigor of a historian. After the previous volumes that narrate the dawn of Italian football, Brizzi narrates what happens with the National Team under the management of Pozzo (it is from this World Champion Coach that the title of the book comes) and how Italy tries to come back from the Superga disaster. This is a fundamental book for those who love the history of this sport, or for those who want to deepen their knowledge of it.

4. Fever Pitch (Nick Hornby, Guanda)
We recommended it as a film, and we couldn’t leave out the book from which the film comes. Nick Hornby, English author and Arsenal fan, tells us about his upbringing as a Gunners fan: from his first ever match to the current victories and defeats. His life as a fan is set amongst the rest of his existence. This is a novel that has become a fan favourite within this genre.

5. The last flag (Alessandro Lucarelli, Ultra Sport)
You wouldn’t need many descriptions to talk about this book: the author’s name would suffice. You will find out everything about Alessandro Lucarelli by reading this book: not just what he experienced on the pitch, but also what he saw before entering the pitch, and all the hurdles he overcame to achieve what he did.