Genoa, 7 October 2018 – Following the Crociati’s 3-1 win over Genoa on Sunday, this is what Luca Rigoni had to say:

“My decision not to celebrate? I believe it was the right thing to do. These fans always supported me. It was an important goal on a strange day after three years here. We must praise the guys. We were missing Gervinho and Inglese but those who played today proved their worth. 

“Parma as workers? We also have quality in the team. Obviously, we need to get all three points and our midfield work is essential, but players like Barillà and Stulac have also demonstrated quality. We’ll rest a bit during the break, then we’ll refocus on the league. We have the right attitude. We have a lot of points but we can’t dwell on our good performances. In Serie A you can lose in an instant. Points are what count in the league, but we also look to create chances in attack. We can defend but we also have quality. 

“I needed two or three games to get going but now I’m doing well. I joined Parma at the end of July and I’m thinking of getting on in the best way possible. We’ve changed a lot of players and it’s never easy, but we also need to understand the Coach’s methods.

“Our reaction today? We haven’t dropped off in any other matches. The game against Napoli was needed to help us understand that we are a great team. However, you need to play with character. It’s ever easy, but today we did well to come back. There are some really top players here and we sacrifice ourselves for one another. Our main aim is to avoid relegation. My condition? I was a bit tired in the second half, and considering the time, I hadn’t eaten enough.”