Prato allo Stelvio, 11 July 2019 – “It’s a wonderful and positive thing to be a Parma player, the Club did a lot for me by signing me outright.” This was Luigi Sepe after joining on a permanent basis at pre-season in Prato allo Stelvio. “I’ve thanked the President, the Director and all for this reward after my season last year. My work during the week, performances in matches and all the rest meant that the President, Director and Coach chose me for next season. I look to improve every day and put these improvements into play on Sunday. The Club has seen this in me and I’m happy. It’s important that everyone is happy and let’s look to do the same next year.”

Sepe is from Naples but what does it mean to be Neapolitan? “A Neapolitan needs to work three times as hard as anyone else,” he said.  “When going elsewhere in Italy or the world, Neapolitans are labelled unfairly. It’s true that there are people who are less good but there are loads who work hour after hour to change perceptions. I’m from Naples, not a particularly nice part of Naples because I wasn’t born wealthy but I’m so happy with what my mum and dad gave me and I believe it’s harder to grow up in Naples compared to other places. But if you’re able to grow up in the right way, it’s a great feeling and you just need to look at Izzo and lots of the other Neapolitan footballers to see this.”

Will next season be in which you really prove yourself? “I’m here because they’ve signed me, I’m happy with what the club has done and I hope to repay them. For the rest, you’ll have to ask the Coach if this is the season in which I consolidate my position. I work every day in training, then on Sunday, the Coach decides whether to play me Colombi, Dini or Corvi. Inglese? I have a great relationship with Roberto, we’re in touch every day. There are other dynamics which affect the club, other players and teams which we can’t do much about. It’s up to the club, Napoli and him above all.”

Last season had more ups and downs: “It’s true that in 2018 we got lots of points but fell off in 2019 and were in difficulty. Now, we need to start again because everyone starts from 0 points and 0 goals against. We have to start well like we did last year. During the year, everyone has better and worse moments. It’s important to be able to get points in the tougher moments to stay calm.”

Finally, a look back at his favourite saves from last season: “The three against Bologna which came in quick succession and they were all important. It’s not easy. There was also the one from La Gumina at home against Empoli which helped secure the result and I remember saves in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo or against Frosinone. I don’t like talking about the saves that help us win points but I’m talking about those against Bologna because we lost in a game of two halves considering the second half with four goals against and one was my fault. I like to remember that match because it’s a point to go again from because I did lots of good things and lots of less good things.”