Parma, 9 February 2019 – “It’s a disappointing defeat because in the first half we demonstrated that we can trouble a top team like Inter,” said midfielder Matteo Scozzarella after Saturday’s loss to Inter. “They demonstrated their quality and they created some problems for us. Their play was better after the break, particularly with their wingers forcing us back. When you drop deep then it becomes increasingly difficult on the counter-attack. We should’ve done better once we regained possession, however, it’s difficult when you are under a lot of pressure.”

“This result does not impact our path,” Scozzarella continued. “However, losing points against Inter and the other big teams is frustrating because we’ve created chances against them, including during our first half today. We must go again from the positives of this match and show them once again vs. Cagliari. The first half should be a building block for the future. It’s clear that we were disappointed to lose because we thought that we’d done enough to pick up points against a top team. A drop in fitness? I don’t think so. We’re doing well as a team, training well and we like to battle. After the first 25 minutes, we managed to have a bit of respite. We made a small mistake and they scored from it.”

“We know that we’re in the middle of a difficult month and a half but this was also the case during the first half of the season when we did well in terms of getting points on the board. We’re fortunate that there’s a decent-sized gap and we can train in a slightly calmer way.  We need to make the most of this so we are able to play as we did in the first half tonight. I didn’t see a big difference in tonight’s Inter side when compared to the one we played in the first half of the season. I think the difference back then was the goal we scored, something which we were unable to do this evening.”