Parma Calcio 1913 responds with satisfaction to the sentence reached by the Federal Court of Appeal which absolves the club of all allegations made against it and overturns the punishment. From the very start, we have followed the judicial bodies with a complete sense of trust in regard to an issue that greatly damaged the image of the club. For this reason, we have to thank the work done by the lawyer Eduardo Chiacchio who worked with the club lawyer Michele Belli and we welcome the decision reached by the Federal Court of Appeal as focus now turns to the upcoming Serie A season and the goal of securing survival on the pitch together with our fans.

“For two months, we read, listened and suffered in silence while directors at other clubs looked to drag our reputation through the mud for their own ends after we achieved something historic thanks to the work, correct spirit, sweat and sacrifices made in these past years,” said Board Member Pietro Pizzarotti upon his return from the Federal Court of Appeal in Rome.

“For two months, we had to endure seeing the name of our club linked to accusations that are completely alien to our way of operating,” said Board Member Giacomo Malmesi. “Now after this judgement, we are satisfied even if the damage to our image can never be repaired because we always knew that we were faced with allegations that did not relate to us.” 

CEO Luca Carra also spoke. “In these months, we’ve asked our fans to trust us and stay close to us. For this, we are proud to have shown that those who shout and create controversies in newspapers have frequently been people who were wrong and had nothing to lose. Above all, the fans can be proud, as we all are, of a club that was reborn from the ashes and in three years achieved something that had never happened before. Above all, it’s something that nobody will ever be able to tarnish.”