Parma, 6 September 2019 – As of 10:00 CEST today the pre-sale of tickets for Parma vs. Cagliari (Matchday 3 of Serie A TIM 2019/2020) is now open on the Ticketone network, with the match scheduled for 15:00 CEST on Sunday 15 September at the Ennio Tardini Stadium.

Fidelity Card will not be required for any sections of the ground, except for residents of the opposition’s region (Sardinia).

Ticket prices:
• Tribuna Centrale Petitot: 100 Euros (Reduced 70 Euros, 5 Euros for Under-14s)
• Tribuna Laterale Petitot: 60 Euros (Reduced 40 Euros, 5 Euros for Under-14s)
• Tribuna Laterale Ovest: 40 Euros (Reduced 30 Euros, free for Under-14s)
• Tribuna Est: 30 Euros (Reduced 25 Euros, 5 Euros for Under-14s)
• Curva Sud: 15 Euros (5 Euros for Under-14s)
• Settore Ospiti: 25 Euros (5 Euros for Under-14s)

Reduced prices are reserved for women, Under-18s (born after 01/01/2002), Over-65s (born before 31/12/1954) and those suffering from certain disabilities.

Under-14 tickets will apply to those born after 01/01/2006 in every sector.

Tickets for the Curva Nord won’t be on sale, with this sector being taken up by season ticket holders.

Pre-sale is open on Ticketone networks from 12:00 CEST on Sunday 15 September with the following purchase opstions:

  • online on the website ;
  • from Ticketone points of sales around the country.

The ticket office at the Tardini Stadium (from which it will not be possible to buy away tickets) will be open on Sunday 15 September from 12:00 CEST until the game kicks off.

Curva Sud tickets are available exclusively for residents of Parma and the province from sales points in the city and province.

Away tickets can be purchased until 19:00 CEST on Saturday 14 September.

Maximum number of tickets that can be purchased: 4

Fans who are not season ticket holders are invited to buy tickets in advance at the points of sale, online or the day before the match at the ticket counters, in order to avoid the inconvenience of long queues at the box office on matchday.


Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, Stadio Ennio Tardini-Palazzina ‘Maria Luigia’ Piazzale Risorgimento (Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 19:00 CEST).

Tabaccheria Rolli, Via Venezia 22/A Parma Tel. 0521 786323
Tabaccheria Melody,,Via Parigi 25/D Parma Tel. 0521 483682

Tabaccheria Panorama Via S.Pellico 20/A Parma Tel. 0521 982402
Tabaccheria Bettati, Via S. Leonardo 129/B Parma Tel. 0521 776792
Tabaccheria Lottici, Piazza Ghiaia 33/D Parma Tel. 0521 235692
Tabaccheria Della Rocca, Via Emilio Lepido 1 Parma Tel. 0521 244366

Allodi Maura, Via Mantova 227/D Chiozzola Tel. 0521 604505
Tabaccheria Mussi, Via Nazionale 51 Fornovo Taro Tel. 0525 400259
Tabacchi Del Ponte, Via Ponte Alto 21 Noceto Tel. 0521 625351
Tabaccheria Salati, Piazza Partigiani d’Italia 4 Collecchio Tel. 0521 805603
Bar Marisa, Via Giotto 5 Fidenza Tel.0524 481583

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