Cagliari, 16 February 2019 – After the game today in Cagliari, Luigi Sepe spoke to the press following the final whistle.

Obviously, there’s a lot of disappointment tonight. It was an evenly-matched game. We were in the lead until the 66th minute, we had it under control. We were playing with our usual mentality but that unfortunately changed after they equalised. We knew that it would be a battle today and that Cagliari would look to put us in difficulty from the off by any means. Until the equaliser, it was a balanced game and we had the lead. From then on, we didn’t do well on the counterattack or in how we managed the game. In certain moments, we need to be more ruthless. We’re annoyed at the moment with the points that we’re dropping. We need to stay calm though because we still have an advantage over our rivals as we look to stay up. We need to think about working well in the week. We started the season playing for survival and we must continue like this. There’s not much missing. We need to keep this objective in mind.”