Parma, 25 November 2018 – The defender Simone Iacoponi spoke in the mixed zone following the win against Sassuolo.

Today, we had a good approach right from the start and made the most of it by going two up. In the second half, we struggled a bit more compared to the first but without allowing Sassuolo to create clear chances. This is our strength and we need to continue like this because with the quality of our forwards, we’re always able to find solutions. We work well and need to keep doing so with a sense of humility. Then, once we’ve hit our objective, we’ll see what else we can do.

Knowing my teammates and our mentality, I don’t think that having 20 points and being in this position will be a distraction. It can’t happen and won’t happen. We’re a very solid team, we need to continue down this road. This solidity doesn’t just come from our defenders, but the whole collective with the midfielders and forwards protecting the defenders. Personally, compared to other games I had the chance to get forward more today. 

“At the end of the game, the Coach congratulated us and nothing more. Rightly so because we need to keep our feet on the ground and keep working. We still haven’t done anything. You can’t think about anything else, just what happens on the pitch as we’ve done so far. From Serie D to sixth in Serie A? There’s all the work we do daily behind these results and the desire to improve every day in order to achieve our goal.”