Parma, 24 June  2018 – This morning at the Stadio Ennio Tardini, Parma Calcio 1913 presented the club’s season ticket campaign to supporters. It will begin on Wednesday 26th June ahead of the 2019/20 season.

In attendance were the CEO Luca Carra, Chief Marketing Officer/ Brand & Digital Marketing Manager Jonathan Greci along with Head of Ticketing Corrado Sani and the Chief Operating Officer Stefano Perrone.

“In what we’ve done over the past years, the presence of the fans has been very important,” explained Carra. “Against Fiorentina in the last home game, the stadium was fantastic and contributed to the result. This year, we’ve tried not to change from last year with accessible prices in many sections of the stadium as a full stadium will do a lot more good for the team.”

“Those who supported us last season will have an advanced window in which they can benefit from special prices and choose the best seats,” added Greci. “For young people, there will be a dedicated band with an Under-30 section in the ground. To communicate this message, the scarf is our unifying symbol. Every season ticket holder will receive one for free with the Parma skyline on it and a fan choreography from the year in Serie D.”

“When we talk about the opening window for existing season ticket holders, that’s about their right to best seats and prices. The benefits don’t end there and will continue. Sales will start on Ticketone and then we’ll move to the stadium. This year, we’re continuing with further work on the stadium on the seats and access points to the stadium.” 

“Parma Calcio 1913 is collaborating again with Caffeina to communicate its values and heritage,” said Caffeina CEO Tiziano Tassi. “Thanks to an integrated approach and sensitivity to this field, we’re certain that we’re approaching things in the right way. ‘Una Storia Infinita’ is Parma Calcio’s new campaign across all channels, uniting physical and digital media to stimulate the fans’ passion and unite fans of all generations.”



Section  Prices
Tribuna Centrale Petitot New Full Price 1.200
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Existing Full Price 880
Tribuna Centrale Petitot New Concession 950
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Existing Concession 650
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 14 50
Tribuna Laterale Petitot New Full Price 680
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Existing Full Price 590
Tribuna Laterale Petitot New Concession 590
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Existing Concession 420
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under-14 50
Tribuna Laterale Ovest New Full Price 580
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Existing Full Price 450
Tribuna Laterale Ovest New Concession 430
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Existing Concession 320
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under-14 50
Tribuna Est New Full Price 450
Tribuna Est Existing Full Price 370
Tribuna Est New Concession 300
Tribuna Est Existing Concession 250
Tribuna Est Under-30 250
Tribuna Est Under-14 50
Curva Nord New Full Price 220
Curva Nord Existing Full Price 170
Curva Nord Under 14 50
  • Concessions are available for women, Under-18s, Over-65s and disabled supporters.


Stand Prices ‘Big-Match’ Prices
Tribuna Centrale Petitot € 100 € 150
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Concession € 70 NO
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 10
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Petitot € 60 € 115
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Concession € 40 Unavailable
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 10
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Ovest € 40 € 80
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Concession € 30 Unavailable
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 14 € 5 € 10
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Est € 30 € 70
Tribuna Est Concession € 25 Unavailable
Tribuna Est Under 14 € 5 € 10
Tribuna Est Under 8 Free Free
Curva Nord € 15 € 25
Curva Nord Under 14 € 5 € 10
Curva Nord Under 8 Free Free
Curva Sud € 20 € 30
Curva Sud Under 14 € 5 € 10
Curva Sud Under 8 Free Free
  • The ‘big-match’ prices are for the games against Inter, Juventus, Lazio, AC Milan, Napoli and Roma.
  • Concessions are available for women, Under-18s, Over-65s and disabled supporters
  • In the Tribuna Est, Under-30s are also entitled to reduced prices.
  • Free Under-8 tickets can only be collected from ticket booths at the stadium the day before or on the day of the match provided that seats still remain available.
  • For ten games which will be announced by Parma Calcio, Under-14s accompanied by a relative will have a right to collect a free ticket the day before or on the day of the match from the booths at the stadium.



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