Parma Calcio 1913 has started on a redevelopment project of the Tardini stadium with a set of specific objectives:

  • To construct a modern, innovative, multifunctional stadium destined to be an avant-garde example for the upcoming decades
  • To involve the local community
  • To try to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Parma.

The project is destined to become a great precursor of a new way of thinking, planning and living the world of football, and a present and future example of sustainability in terms of modernising sports facilities.

The design process to renovate the stadium has been studied in detail, considering all aspects:

  • sociability
  • environmental sustainability
  • management of the entire facility
  • preservation of the historical and cultural value of the Tardini.

The redevelopment of the Tardini began with a continuous and in-depth dialogue with the community and with all stakeholders, in order to harmoniously integrate the stadium within the physical and cultural reality in which it is located, and to make a maximum contribution towards reducing its impact, towards the fight against waste as well as a decrease in consumption so that the environment can also benefit from it.

Regarding its location, from the various studies that have been conducted, it has been shown that the ideal solution is to keep the Tardini in the place where it is currently located, as it would ensure optimal accessibility, it would favour the use of zero-emission public transport and private vehicles (such as bicycles) and there would be no increase in the city’s land consumption.

Parma Calcio is studying and analysing solutions that can reduce any negative impacts of the stadium on the community. The planned new roof will, in fact, contribute to a significant reduction in noise pollution, while the integration of lighting to the roof structure will significantly reduce light pollution, thanks to the inclusion of the lighting system inside the roof and no longer in the floodlight towers, which will disappear in the new project

The Tardini will remain the home of Parma Calcio, a renovated home that will offer a new comprehensive and engaging space, incorporated into the reality of the area and able to be used throughout the week (and not just on matchdays) by everyone, with new services harmoniously incorporated within the community. It will be a multifunctional centre in which public events may also be organised, and which will be well integrated and incorporated with the city.

Not by chance, the project is proposed as a virtuous example of applying the principles of social, environmental and business sustainability, and aims to make the Tardini a new and fundamental element of the life of the city and its team for the next century.