Parma, 4 September 2020 – During the presentation of Fabio Liverani, the Crociati’s Sporting Director, Marcello Carli, also had a few words to say: “Fabio Liverani doesn’t need any introductions. He’s begun his work with us and we’re very pleased, we’ve got great belief in him. I think that he’s a coach with enormous potential. He just needs to work hard, and we’ll help him in every respect. He needs to have a little bit of patience, even if coaches don’t have a lot of that,” Carli continued, laughing. “However, he knows that we believe in him. I’d like to wish him the very best of luck in the hope that he’ll be here for a few years to come yet.”

He then spoke about the transfer market: “We’re together every day: myself, Marco Ferrari, Pietro Pizzarotti, the Coach. We’re all wearing the same coat of arms and shirt. We want to do things correctly based on a clear idea put forward by the ownership. If good offers come in, we’ll consider them. I think this is a modus operandi used by Juventus, Inter, Milan and Atalanta, who have sold before purchasing. It’s a normal way of going about things in football. I can’t see there being any huge transfer headlines, three games will be played with the market still open and then we’ll try to do well. This team has important players who were notable purchases. These are players who – and there are a thousand reasons why they haven’t done so yet – can give even more.


“We’ll also try to get a few youngsters on board, players with good prospects. We want to start to lower the age of the team, because the project we have in mind involves us improving in every respect over the next few years and playing a slightly different kind of football. Some negotiations have begun, it’s better if we talk as little as possible. We’re negotiating with 3-4 players and I think that progress will be made in the space of 4-5 days. The Coach is a professional person and, with this being the case, wants to do well. It’ll be a very difficult season this year, we need a squad where everyone will be involved: 18-20 starters will be required. It’s a difficult time in the market.”