Collecchio, 4 September 2020 The Stadio Tardini in Parma will be the first Serie A stadium to open its doors to fans after the COVID-19 emergency. It has been almost seven months since Parma vs. Lazio on 9 February 2020, the last time that fans were present in the stadium. For all this time, we’ve been forced to live without fans in our stadium. Without the warmth of your support, your contribution to our team, and the excitement that your presence brings us. The priority was, and remains, keeping everyone safe as the struggle against a virus that has caused the world great difficulty and has disrupted everyone’s lives. One of our objectives is to regain some sense of normality, returning to the passions and activities that we have had to renounce as part of the struggle to get this public health crisis under control. 

Normality, for football fans, means packing the stadium of the team that we love to the rafters. Normality, for a football team, is having the fans by our side. There’s still a long way to go, and as stated, the priority remains the safety of all our fans. However, we want to make the first step, and we are hopeful that this first step will be followed by many more in the right direction, as long as the health situation permits it. In total compliance with the regulations put into place by the local and national authorities, we have now got the opportunity to allow 1000 fans back into the stadium for our friendly against Empoli. Of course, we are desperate to open the stadium up without restrictions on the number of fans, so that we can all experience the Crociati’s matches together, but for the time being, this is the most that we are allowed to accommodate. We understand that this is by no means a return to normality, but at the same time we are keen to do everything we can to have the fans back at our side. 

That’s why, to make this occasion possible, we will be making use of the opportunity granted to us by a decree from the Prime Minister of Italy from 07/08/2020, and confirmed by the approval of the Parma Prefecture’s Committee for Order and Public Safety and of the Operational Security Unit at Parma’s Police Headquearters. 

The 1,000 spectators will be equally divided into two different sections of the stadium, the Tribuna Petitot and the Curva Nord. Five hundred tickets will be available for each of the two sections of the stadium with assigned seats.

Tickets for the Tribuna Petitot or the Curva Nord, which will have names printed on them, will be available exclusively online on Ticketone: click here to purchase a ticket.
Prices will be as follows:
· Tribuna Petitot 10 Euros full-price, 5 Euros for Under 14s
· Curva Nord 5 Euros
Each ticket will correspond to an assigned seat, which must be occupied by the ticket holder.


When entering the Stadio Tardini and during the match, holders of valid tickets must stick to the rules set out in the regulations governing the use of the Stadio Ennio Tardini, which can be found in this document (in Italian), which in previous months has been adapted to the necessities of the COVID-19 emergency.
When entering the stadium, in order to avoid the formation of crowds, all checks will take place in designated courtyards, to guarantee as much distance between people as possible.

At the entrance, body temperature will be checked. If the result is greater than 37.5°C, entry will be denied.
Inside the stadium, masks must be worn at all times, both when sitting in designated seats and when moving around in the stadium.
In every section of the stadium, use of toilets and sanitary facilities will be guaranteed, overseen by stewards.
A bar service will also be available, subject to the same measures as elsewhere, along with extra regulations for the bar.