Parma, 8 September 2020 Parma Calcio 1913 and Canovi Coperture together for the sixth consecutive year. Canovi Coperture, leading company in the building sector for asbestos remediation, roofing and photovoltaic renovation, has in fact renewed its partnership agreement with the Crociati

After appearing on last season’s shirt as a sleeve sponsor, the Emilian firm’s role is now doubled, the company’s logo will now also be present on the Crociati’s training gear. It’s therefore a presence, while goes beyond all the work already done in collaboration with the Club. An effort that must be rewarded: Canovi Coperture will be afforded the use of the terrace in the East Stand, with the possibility (if the Tardini Stadium is reopened to the public) to let its guests experience the match in a special and innovative way with a series of dedicated services.

Antonio Carboni, CEO of Canovi Coperture, declared, “for the sixth consecutive year, we embrace Parma Calcio. Our brand is also on this shirt, because we want to stay competitive in the sector and we thought that Parma Calcio would give us the most visibility in the city. Canovi Coperture have contributed to some great maintenance works at the Tardini. From the construction of the cover of ther Petitot Stand to the Sky Boxes and the installation of all the seats.”

“Canovi decided to support us a few years ago, from Serie D to today. For two years,” said Parma CEO Luca Carra, “they’ve been sleeve sponsor. This year, they wanted to reconfirm the partnership and this makes us incredibly happy and proud. It means they have trust in us and we try to do as much as possible for them to enjoy this sponsorship as much as possible.”