New and bold, for the first time in its entirety, the sleeves of the Parma Calcio 1913 home jersey of the 2020/20 season are wholly in black.

They represent the splendid black wings of the phoenix, a new symbol of the Club, a symbol of rebirth, of constant evolution that allows one to continue to fly.

Yet the black sleeve, forged from strong, combative impact, does not wear out. The various innovative features that distinguish the kit, upon which the classic black cross is emblazoned, make it full of new and original details.

The jersey revisits the timeless V-neck collar as well as a white sleeve cuff, and is finished on the inside with personal sweat protectors and the print “Parma Calcio 1913”, which also features on the side of the shirt. The jersey is close-fitting and has a special mesh under the sleeve to guarantee greater wearability. The back of the shirt, which is longer than the front to give it a more modern style, has the symbol of the phoenix embroidered in gold under the collar, not the Club crest, to give the symbol even more prominence.

An important feature for 2020/21 is the antiviral fabric, of which it is made. Ti-energy, the material for the jersey, is produced with nanoparticles of zinc oxide woven into the fibres of the shirt, which have an antibacterial effect. Treated with Minusnine J1, it is also extremely waterproof. This set of features allows the fabric to become an effective protective barrier against droplets, microbes, bacteria and viruses.

Parma Calcio 1913 will be the first Serie A club to don a kit of such high technical prowess that helps protect its own players.

Once again research, innovation and style come together to continue to fight proudly and face a new season that is about to begin.

The jersey is available on Parma’s online store.