Collecchio, 13 September 2020 – “The team was more alert and they had more in the legs than they did seven or eight days ago, even though we’d only had one session all together before this game.” These were the words of Parma coach Fabio Liverani after their win over Genoa at Collecchio today. “It was a good test,” he continued, “with all the issues that a Serie A equal can cause. The game was full of desire on the part of the boys, who made sacrifices and played with quality. It was a real game; that’s what I asked of the boys and they did it. It was our last test before the start of the league season, which will be hard and very uncertain. I wanted it to be a real game and it was. Finding a group that has desire and works hard is important,” Liverani said. “It’s normal to go over the errors; this has to happen after five training sessions. You always need to work with enthusiasm. The willingness of this group for me, to date, is the biggest goal to be able to work towards and get into our heads.”

In six days, Napoli come to the Tardini: “there’s some curiosity to real an important objective. It’s clear that, us having changed coach and not having much time, we’re at a disadvantage compared to those, who’ve kept the same staff. It’s normal that coaches like Gattuso, who’ve stayed, are ahead in a certain aspect of training. But I want to get going and am convinced that there’s more to come from this team.”