Parma, 20 September 2020 – We did well for 55-60 minutes, then we struggled somewhat. They gained confidence after their goal, and it was difficult for us to respond.” This is what Alberto Grassi had to say to DAZN following the Crociati’s opening-day defeat to Napoli. The Parma midfielder then continued: “Our objective is to stay in the division. We’re still a strong side and want to achieve our objective as soon as possible. We’re also aiming to improve every game. Compared to last year, our formation has changed, while we’re also looking to play a different kind of game this season. We still need to adapt, but Coach Liverani and his staff are well-prepared and we want to improve. On a personal level, I haven’t set myself objectives: for me, the team always comes first. I hope that we manage to reach our goal as soon as possible.”