Parma, 6 October 2020 – Let’s start getting to know Parma Calcio 1913’s newest signings from transfer window. We start with the first signing of the Krause era, Lautaro Valenti.

The left footed Argentine defender, born in 1999, actually started off wanting to play as a forward: he played this position whilst at Rosario, where he was born at Central.

At 14 years old, he joined Lanús. Taking advantage of his physique, he gradually transitioned into the role of a centre back- where he still plays today. It represents a change in position that initially began at Central, but is in the process of being completed now. In May 2019, after his experience in the Granate’s youth set up, he moved up to the first team and made his debut in the Copa de la Superliga, before nailing down a position in the first team.

He made 29 appearances and 3 goals, with his first goal coming in his debut as a starter against Gimnasia. He’s proven that one of his main attributes is shooting from distance: he has scored two long-range goals. His statistics are topped off with an assist.