Collecchio, 17 October 2020- Coach Fabio Liverani takes questions from the official Parma Calcio 1913 website, regarding tomorrow´s fixture against Udinese on Match day four of the 2020/2021 Serie A Tim championship.

These are strange times, how are you dealing with them?

“I’m dealing with them calmly. There’s a protocol in place and although it’s annoying, there’s an valid idea in respect to this season that needs to be adapted to quickly. To me, it seems like the squad is dealing with these times calmly, too. Unfortunately, it’s just part of this current period, and so we’ll adapt accordingly. The team has trained well, and although they feel sorry for those that have tested positive, they’re remaining concentrated”.

What kind of game are you expecting tomorrow? 

“It’s a tough game for many different reasons. Udinese are one of the most physical sides. They brought in some good players at the end of teh window, such as Deulofeu and Possetto. Pereyra came in as well; all good players that can help them improve. I’ve watched their games; they’re a lively team that don’t deserve to be where they are in the table. It’ll be a very physical and difficult game. The team has trained well and is improving.”

For various different reasons, the attack will look a little bit different? Have you planned any surprises?

“We ended the transfer window with a complete squad. We wanted this so we were able to face moments like these. Certainly when there are so many absences in the same area, we get into a bit of trouble, but I think we have the chance to play the match in Udine and cause them problems, knowing that we have different characteristics. We’ll see what tactics we go with tomorrow.”

Despite injuries and international duty, have you been able to work at a level of consistency over the past two weeks?

Regarding training, we haven’t increased the number of sessions too much. What with international duty and injuries, the squad haven’t trained much together. I have faith, however, that by next week and the next international break we’ll be fine. But let’s hope that any other injuries or COVID-19 don’t complicate matters further.”

How are the new signings settling in?

“Osorio, Brunetta and Cyprien have done quite a few training sessions with the squad. We lost Brunetta, Osorio and even Valenti. Cyprien is the one who’s trained the most and perhaps he’s ready together with Sohm, who arrived on Thursday. These two are the most ready to be part of the team.”