Udine, 18 October 2020Fabio Liverani, Parma Coach, shares his thoughts at the press conference of the match today against Udinese: “It’s expected that, in this period with international duty, absences and other various problems, we have trained less than usual. Everyone needs more time, even the newcomers. Of course, we’ve had a few early Christmas presents, but regardless of the events of today, the squad have responded well and I don’t have any doubts. I have a talented team that could face anyone. This is what I asked for in order to raise the level, even in training. There are many players who can start and today they showed this when they faced the challenges. I think Parma played their own game, with the guys showing their skills as football players. Today we did well. True, we did take our eye off the ball two minutes from the end, and the 3-2 score on the counter-attack is a bit disheartening. However, I can’t complain about anything but the result. We have time to improve.”

“I think that the back line worked really well today. We need to be a bit more fluid in transition and have more possession, but the back line worked well, they didn’t suffer too much. On the contrary. It’s normal to concede from a corner, a lapse in concentration and being dispossessed. We’ll need to work on these things. For various reasons, which everybody knows, we’ve only half trained as an entire group. I’m satisfied. Better moments will come, but this squad has shown a lot of growth.

“What we can aim for, whether it’s survival or something more, will be known on the pitch. I’m convinced we have a good squad. A lot of new players have come in, all of them from different countries; it’s important to integrate the new players. We need to reach safety as soon as we can and then we’ll see what we can do. It’s a difficult and unique season. COVID-19 can create a lot of difficulties. We’re working to always be ready and we need to continue to do so. The only hope I have is to have the whole group available as soon as possible.”