Udine, 18 October 2020 –In an interview with Sky Sport, the Parma goalkeeper Luigi Sepe analysed the game against Udinese: “It’s been tough, because we’ve have new positive cases day after day and we were afraid we had the virus. The coach is the one who gets us ready, we are eleven men on the pitch but that’s all we could think about.”

Parma played well despite the difficulties and notable absentees. Is that a good sign. “Not at all for me. We beat Udinese twice last season. It’s true that we have some players out because of COVID-19 and injuries, but the same eleven played today as last year. The guys that came on helped but we weren’t able to get the result. We’ll find out the why in midweek, we’ll work and learn where we are. We need to pick up again and be a united group. Those who tested positive will be back, they’ll help us. That’s what we need to think about.”

In seven days, they will face Spezia at the Tardini: “Next week we have a home game against Spezia. This is an important fixture for us that we have to win at all costs, because the three points will be essential for the final table.”