Collecchio, 27 October 2020 – Coach Fabio Liverani spoke to the microphones of the Official Parma Calcio 1913 website about the game against Pescara tomorrow in the third round of the Coppa Italia 2020-2021, set to be contested at 18:00 at Stadio Ennio Tardini.

There’s not been much time for recovery; so soon after Spezia you’re playing Pescara at the Tardini.

“It is clear that the more official matches we can play the more game time everyone gets. For us it is an important commitment, to which we need to pay the right amount of respect because it would allow us to progress in the cup. We want to win, play and develop as a team. I believe that playing more games is the best thing we can do because everyone in the team can get minutes on the pitch”.

Will there be a way to rotate players who have had less game time up to this point?

“Cyprien and Sohm have done lots of training; they are surely more ready. It’s difficult to rotate newer players in the squad because we haven’t had them for very long. We’ll rotate some players and rest others; at the moment we have to let a few guys play who for various reasons have had little regularity and consistency in terms of game time and training”.

Cornelius and Gervinho are missing from the squad called up for the game and aren’t injured.

“I can confirm that they’re not injured. I’ve called up Inglese who needs a little bit of game time; Cornelius can’t play three games in a week after his recent muscle problem and so we have to be careful: he will undertake a recovery programme and so will Gervinho. Hopefully we’ll soon have plenty more players available across multiple competitions and in multiple departments of the pitch”.

How important is that you can make certain group assessments, the likes of which you were talking about on Sunday after the match with Spezia?

Challenges like tomorrow’s are important to understand where we are. The boys are trying to play football; when we are in trouble maybe we’ll lose control of the game but a lot of it is preventable. It takes time to have a codified and continuous game. We all know that in football time goes along with results, so we need patience and serenity to continue playing, believing and working. The only thing I believe in is hard work on the pitch and that’s what we’ll do. The team has plenty of potential and good qualities; the whole team is very strong. We’ll keep striving for our objectives”.

What are your thoughts on Pescara and what kind of game can you expect tomorrow?

“There is a risk that a Serie B team could surprise us and perform especially well. I believe that for us, at this point of the season, it’s an important game. We need patience because sometimes we are too obsessed with the immediate results and this brings a little more pressure and tension”.