Parma, 28 October 2020 – After the Crociati’s win in the Coppa Italia third round against Pescara, Fabio Liverani spoke to journalists in the press room at the Tardini.

Here’s what he had to say:

“What we’re looking for, aside from tactical and technical questions, is a growing team spirit. The best thing today was the attitude, spirit and seriousness, with which the team went into this game that could’ve been taken as given. The desire, concentration and spirit were incredible. We also saw some good stuff from players, who were playing for the first time. We need to be patient with them to get the language and adapt to a new style of football because they’re young. The responses from the new guys were positive, especially from the younger lads. As I’ve already said, my hope is to be able to work with a full squad for a month. If we get out of this moment with many COVID cases and injuries, I think that the team can find the right energy, ideas and self-belief.”

Gervinho and Cornelius need to be looked after. Cornelius can’t play three games in a week after being on international duty. Gervinho was a bit fatigued against Spezia and we decided to rest him. It’s not an issue when we have alternatives. We’ve built a squad to be able to choose; for this reason, the thing I like most is to be able to pick them. COVID and the odd injury mean we haven’t picked them so much.”

I think that Balogh and Sohm have a lot of potential. Sohm is a bit further along; he’s played in men’s football and has been selected for the Switzerland first team. Balogh has only played youth team football but since my first day here, he’s impressed me the most. It’s been a great surprise, but I had no doubts. The crowd? I think the conditions are there to have fans in the stands as soon as possible. Football without fans is a crippled football. We hope to do things well, containing this difficult problem so that we can open the stadium again.”

“I don’t look at the table. I prepare game by game. I think the table can be looked at during the second half of the season, to see what outcomes we can expect. We’ve played five games so far. Giving a positive or negative judgement after just five games means we risk taking things too fast. Furthermore, we didn’t have a proper pre-season. We can work every day on how we’re doing. The more we have a full squad the more we can work. I’m not too worried about the rest because I have a squad, which can all start. As a coach, this excites me and makes me happy. We just need a bit of time.”