Collecchio, 6 November 2020Fabio Liverani spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow’s game against Fiorentina – Parma’s matchday 7 fixture of the 2020/21 Serie A season – that gets underway at 20:45 CET at the Tardini.

Can we define this week as a “normal week”?
“I’d say so, yes. Let’s say that we’ve had a full squad since Wednesday, apart from two or three injuries that can happen at any point in the season. Since Wednesday, we’ve managed to train two or three times with a full squad and I saw a brilliant, combative, aggressive spirit and enthusiasm, which gives me a good feeling.”

You got some players back, who – practically – you have never had at your disposal, such as Osorio and Brunetta. What are your first impressions after seeing the whole team train together?
“It was brilliant. Seeing them train was a moment of great pride for me and a confirmation of what I believed in the difficult moments; this is a great team. From today, we need to act quickly to go from a group to a team. Even the more experienced players see that we have some good young players, who can give us a hand. Those who have been at Parma for a while are excited to see and help the new guys – this gives us enthusiasm.”

Thoughts on Fiorentina?
“We’ve prepared for this game with all our qualities and with respect for our opposition. Fiorentina have bought players to break into the top eight. They’ve brought in great players and are building a good squad. As we all are right now, they’re probably searching for points. It’s only week seven. We need to be a little bit patient but such is Italian football; we all want to win and we’re all progressing quickly. Every game is important and a big result before the break would give us a lot of confidence.”

From a tactical point of view, could the 3-5-2 we saw against Inter be used more regularly or just in certain games?
“It’s an alternative. Of course, when we put the team together, we had a different system in mind. Along the way, though, – due to one or two issues – we realised this makes us a bit more solid. Our objective is to return to a system with four defenders and three guys up top. You get your feedback on the pitch, as the team settles and feels ready to play. The numbers change very little for me, what counts is attitude. We’re on the right path and I hope that this is confirmed tomorrow evening.”

For the first time, you have more than enough players available. Players not in the squad are out by choice and not through injury. The level of training will be raised.
“This was our aim and we reached it two or three days ago. I think this is a good thing – for me to have to choose based on what I see and believe. Though I explain to the players that nothing is set in stone. Every player needs to earn a place in the starting line-up and the bench each and every week.”