Parma, 11th November 2020 – “We’re presenting two other guys that we couldn’t present before because of current problems we’re all aware of. We are happy to present these two guys who are coming in at full strength; we have great confidence in the whole group and in all the players including these two who I am convinced will help us greatly and perform well. They must behave well, have the right mentality and train well. Their quality will then be reflected in their performance on the field”. Said Parma’s Sport Director Marcello Carli at a press conference held at the Tardini, during the presentation of the new Crociati signings Juan Francisco Brunetta and Maxime Busi.

“All the boys are important; we would always like to have all of them available. There are difficulties for everyone, we are the same as the others. I always said not to cry over us because what happened to us can happen to everyone. We were even more atypical because we’re coming off of a total change in society and everything. This includes the technical management which has led to training completely different from before. Doing this without having players available becomes almost impossible, so the possibility of having the whole group together and united is important. We did two workouts with almost all of the squad available and the feeling was good. It was nice to be able to take to the pitch and see the rhythms and plays we were putting together. Who plays isn’t a problem, rather, the issue is in training when you have 24-25 guys of a certain calibre who train the same, often growth comes immediately and spontaneously at a very high level. I feel sorry for Busi because we pursued him so much. The club was quite difficult, there was a long negotiation period, and he had a problem in the last match before the transfer window shut; this stretching also put us in a bit of trouble. However, we thought about his age, what he could be for Parma in the next few years and in the near future. We managed to catch him on transfer deadline day anyway by making him take a private plane even though we knew that, in the meantime, thinness in the squad had arrived and he is reacting well to it. We won’t be able to put a specific date on recovery times, but we think it could perhaps be for Roma or for the next match. He is recovering, he is working well and showing great signs”.

“I know that we are a group with a lot of room for improvement. We have six points because the team has deserved six points and we all have to try to get something more. This week the President of the club was here, and we spoke a lot. This year is an important season for us; the goal is salvation because staying up this year will mean Parma can have an important future with structured planning alongside young players who are destined to grow. When you put a lot of new guys in an already established group you can do great things. I take AC Milan as an example of this; Leao encountered some difficulties last year but this season he is proving to be an extraordinary player. Above all, we have a great training session scheduled for tomorrow, which will help the group grow a little bit at a time; this happens when you have the whole group at your disposal. Brunetta arrived, everything was calm and peaceful then Covid-19 arrived. However, other problems have been solved now. We have room for improvement, and this must give us confidence for the future, if we have been good we will see it at the end of the year. If I have all my boys with the coach on the field to train, I am not afraid of anyone”.

“Liverani is living with great passion, his way of relating to the boys you see on Sundays is his way of trying to help them because he demands certain things from them and his shouts are never critical but always meant in a way as to help to the boys. I see a coach that is full of energy, positive and one that never complains about anything. We left for the away match in Udine and we had eight players infected with Covid-19 and yet we never thought of not going; on the contrary, we did everything to play because we do not want to have an alibi: if we have ten available then we will go as ten, if we have twelve we will go as twelve. I see a person who does not pity himself and one that arrives at the camp and trains. He also knows that probably, for what he has in his head, it was not the best solution. But he is not stupid; he has a great opportunity, he sees only positive as I see it: the most important thing is to go to the camp tomorrow morning and train well; that’s the only way to grow up. The rest is just talk. We have to be proactive and transmit positivity to people because that’s the only reason why we play football. It is a different type of football without fans. It saddens me to not to see this stadium filled with fans; this stadium is a footballing spectacle. Seeing the stadium full I think would be the biggest victory we could have this year: if we work well, we will deserve the trust to have fans. If we work badly the responsibility will have been mine and I’d have no problem with that. I know what my job is, and I know that I must undertake these responsibilities, but I am very confident about this. I believe that we will achieve our goals”.

“The open construction site can’t be made to be an excuse; he who looks for an alibi is a loser. We signed Brunetta because we think he has the potential to make us grow like Busi, Sohm, Bruno Alves, Cornelius and Inglese; they are important players whose absence has hit us hard. Brunetta must earn his place like everyone. He will need to train his hardest every day because the competition will be high. I would like Mihaila to come back as soon as possible, I would like there to be strong competition within the squad during training because when there’s only 25-26 players that are all trying their best, it creates a great team. Football is the only world where you can’t bluff; answers are given on the pitch to questions posed off of it. I wish everyone could train 100%, if we are better, we will win otherwise we will lose. It’s important to underline that the team has gelled. We’ll gain experience from every game”.