Parma, 19 November 2020 – Hans Nicolussi Caviglia was presented at a press conference at the Tardini as a new signing by Parma Calcio.

“There is a difference between Serie B and Serie A, Parma is a club with an excellent level of training and there’s a lot of competition. I expect I’ll earn the trust of my teammates more and more and alongside the Coach I’ll do my best during daily training to earn the space to express myself. I believe in both group and individual effort a lot”.

“I knew when the chance came to sign for Parma it was a project I believed in. Parma is one of the teams that demonstrate their faith in young players with evidence, which is something that doesn’t always happen in Italy, but more so abroad. Parma have demonstrated this not only in the transfer window but also in the league”.

“I am glad that Bazzani, who was my assistant coach last year, had nice things to say about me. I think the characteristics that he has gifted me are fundamental ones for a modern player, especially having the knowledge of what happens and understanding your duties. You must always continue with humility even when negative things happen: the positive ones then come, always with hard work“.

Cruyff has always been my point of reference, I have always admired him for not only what he did as both a player and coach, but also as a thinker: modern football draws a lot from what he has brought with his innovation. I got to know him over time; my sister lives in Amsterdam, she’s a dancer there. By visiting her I became more and more passionate and I took him as a point of reference”.

“I’ve always played the role of a mezzala, but as already seen in the Coppa Italia I can also play more advanced as a trequartista. I’m a dynamic midfielder, I like to create a lot in offensive phase“.