Roma, 22 November 2020 – Following the match between Roma and Parma, these were the thoughts of Crociati Coach Fabio Liverani.

“It wasn’t a contest today and when something like that happens, the Coach is completely responsible. Probably, I wasn’t able in the past two weeks to transmit an understanding of what this match would be like and it’s absolutely my issue. Fortunately, we’re playing every three days this week so we can look to put this ugly episode behind us, prepare for the Coppa Italia and then continue with our journey in the league. There are a lot of difficulties but it’s on me to find solutions. Today, I probably didn’t do a good job and I take full responsibility, we’ll get to work tomorrow in order to improve.”

“What we really lacked was the spirit to go in for individual duels, we sat back and watched the others too much and I probably gave the team this idea so I need to take responsibility for that. It’s a negative moment for us in the league as a side fighting to stay up. It’s been the same from the start and we hope to fix it as soon as possible but I have no doubts that we will because this team has technical quality and character, it just needs some time. I know that there are worries but there are 30 games left, we already had the idea of weighing things up before the Christmas break. There are six league games and one Coppa Italia to go until then, after that we’ll evaluate where we are.

“The jump in quality? We all need to to make it together. We need to organise, look to hurt teams, hang on in adversity, defend before looking to go on the break. We’ve played eight matches and faced big teams like Inter, Napoli and Roma. It’s tough but we have six games before Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that we can evaluate things at Christmas, if not at the halfway stage and then see where we are. That’s my objective.”