Parma, 25th November 2020 – At the end of Parma vs. Cosenza, Coach Fabio Liverani had this to say following the victory:

“We’d changed several players that had played in Rome when compared today’s team. Today, we had numerous objectives, such as giving players who had come back from injuries some game time, in addition to not encountering other physical problems. We’ve achieved these goals: we finished the game with a very young team, which helped them to understand how the senior players play their games. You need to have patience: foreign players must know there’s a need to adapt to the competition. The intensity and tactics are different here.

Brunetta is a quality player and today he scored two goals, but his quality is something we already knew about: in Argentina, they haven’t played since February and when he arrived here he suffered from COVID-19, so his minutes on the pitch have been restricted. I hope the two goals he scored today will help him to recover soon. Like Busi, he has recently recovered from a muscular issue, and being able to play him for 60 minutes on the pitch without encountering any issues is a goal achieved in itself. One goal is to win games, of course, like today, and we have to try to keep all of these things on track”.

We had a conference call with the president, and he had a positive and proactive attitude. Those who have watched me coach in recent years know that 5-3-2 has never been my formation of choice. However, it’s been deployed because at times this team haven’t been able to play differently due to certain types of players being missing. We need to look for balance. Until today, we haven’t had the team to play in a specific way.

Whilst doing this job, I treat all games as incredibly important ones. I prepare for them as such because I always want the best result. The Club has given me an objective to try and play a certain style of football, of which little has been seen to date. I hope to go on to achieve this goal in the best way possible. I don’t think we’ve strayed away from the project, in fact there’s a lot of desire to work hard and achieve the objectives we’ve set. This what came from my call with the President.

“I think the team lacks a certain spark at the moment, it’s something I believe will come with a victory or a match that builds the boys’ awareness and enthusiasm to play. We’re just missing a victory; however, the boys can attain it because they’ve so many good qualities. I believe they’ve got their own important goals and I’m sure they’ll reach them.

I think the team started very well, with courage and good offensive pressing before finding the back of the net. We also had a series of counterattacks that could have been finished differently. Sometimes we are unstable during the game. My job is to hold us together and give continuity to results and performances.

“I think the match against Genoa is a particularly important game: If we don’t come out with a positive result, it could cause problems. If there is a positive result, it could give us momentum. Monday can be that game that can give us the spark I was talking about before