Collecchio, 29 November 2020 – Coach Fabio Liverani discussed the upcoming match against Genoa, which marks matchday 9 of the 2020-2021 Serie A TIM season. It’s set to start tomorrow at 20:45 CET at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris.

Tomorrow is Genoa vs. Parma; it’s an important fixture for both teams. What kind of match will it be?

“It’ll certainly be a difficult match for both teams. We’re both after a victory to kickstart our seasons. We all need points but the most important thing is to put in a positive performance, which can help us in a lot of ways. I believe that the team are growing and are working to get better, so I’m very confident ahead of tomorrow’s game”.

During the week we talked about Genoa’s situation; however, as always, Parma have to think about themselves. Your thoughts?

“We need excellence, especially during a time like this. I’ve always believed in having positive vibes in my team and in my environment. Everyone has their merits and faults, just as every environment has its problems. It’s normal that everyone concentrates on their own club”.

After the victory against Cosenza are you finding selection difficult?

“There have been good performances from players in the team and winning is never easy. We got through to the next round, which was what we wanted. There’s some doubt for tomorrow regarding changes but what I remind my players is that even if we’re winning games can change. I want everyone to feel involved in my team, since so far there’s been room for everyone to play a part. We’re a team in which many players have had the opportunity to play; everyone will get their chance, from those that start to those that come on to the pitch later. They’ll make up my decisions by the way they train. I feel like everyone’s turn is coming, in spite of who starts”.

Could there be any surprises in the midfield?

“Right now it’s the position where we’re affected the most on the pitch, which is somewhat down to injuries and also because we’ve not found a midfielder who can put in consistent performances there. There are possibilities, but since Cyprien and Sohm are also out, it shrinks the pool of possible options a bit. Tomorrow we’ll choose who is the most suitable to start and we’ll see how the game goes”.