Genoa, 30 November 2020 – At the end of the match won by the Crociati against Genoa, Coach Liverani had this to say about the game:

“The victory was really needed and so I think it’s a great reward; it was also a goal for the boys. For me, what was even more important was the way the win came about: It was a quality performance that had intensity, sacrifice and a desire to play. I think the team played well on the field. They created lots, pushed themselves, gave little away and in the first half we could have scored more. The players deserve all of the praise. The win lets them feel content but they’ll be even more driven to push on and raise the bar even more. I’m proud of the performance, I’d like it to be the start of something“.

“Today the boys gave everything, it seemed like even when it got tough they refused to give up. There are no doubts about the performance; we’re aware of the three points but their performance was most vital. Their confidence grew throughout the match and we didn’t have much time to work together so this match was really important. They need to believe they’re a strong team and they can take a lot of pride and push on in the league”.