Milan, 13 December 2020 – Following Parma’s 2-2 draw against AC Milan at the San Siro this evening, Coach Fabio Liverani had the following to say:


“We started the match in excellent fashion and managed to take the lead after managing the ball well, unsettling AC Milan in the process. We then lost a bit of confidence, and they pushed forward and created chances.

“We began the second half really well and scored an excellent goal. Then, after conceding from a dead-ball situation, we didn’t really run any risks: we remained organised and managed the ball well. This is where the disappointment lies: we weren’t made to suffer after they made it 2-1.

“Everyone performed excellently, both those who started and those who came on: I’ve seen growth on the part of everybody and that is very promising. As regards the newcomers, patience needs to be shown, but everybody will get their chance. As they are doing during the current period, they will need to respond. I’m happy for everyone who took to the pitch today, they all performed well.

“We’re making strides forward in terms of how we’re playing, fighting and performing as a team, a few difficulties were to be expected. With a bit more luck, we could have picked up a few more points, but maybe we’ll recover them later on.”