Parma, 19 December 2020 – “Juventus played well, well done to them. The chance I had when it was 0-0 was a shame, Buffon produced a good stop. I don’t know if it would have changed anything, but perhaps the match would have gone a bit differently. Nevertheless, the result is the right one: they performed well.” This is what Juraj Kucka had to say to DAZN following Parma’s defeat to Juventus this evening. He then continued: “Perhaps both the mental and physical side of things came into play today with the matches coming thick and fast. Juventus played how they wanted to and didn’t give us a lot of space. They, however, had a lot of space and things become easy for a team like them when this is the case. We were also too slow in getting to balls. The goals from crosses? They created overloads on the wings: that’s where they generated space, allowing them to deliver balls into the middle. We suffered a bit and regret this fact. Now, it’s time to focus on Tuesday’s match in Crotone.”