Parma, 30 December 2020Bruno Alves held a remote press conference from Collecchio today, with the Parma Calcio captain having the following to say:

“This is a moment for us to think about and reflect on what we need to do in the future. Right now, we need to work hard and make sure that we’re ready for our next game. Winning is the most important thing, we need points. We also need to be aware of the fact that we don’t have a lot of time: we need to add to our tally as quickly as possible. There aren’t any internal problems, we get on well and are trying to understand the information that the new Coach is providing us with. We’re currently not picking up points or performing well, but I don’t think it’s the right time to look for someone to blame. Instead, we all need to give our all, and we can all do more.

“We’re working collectively: in football, when you do well as a team, individual quality also emerges. We need to work together as a team, defend as a team and attack as a team. Of course, we’re all worried about our performances and results, but we possess the qualities to change our current situation. I’m a positive person and think that we can do better in our upcoming games. Osorio? He’s just arrived in Italy, where there’s a different way of working and defending. He’s doing very well, but as soon as he becomes more familiar with how things are done here, he’ll be able to become even better and reach the top: he has a lot of potential.

“At this difficult time, the players’ characteristics and personalities will come to the fore, I expect great teamwork and a courageous attitude from everybody. We want to do what the Coach is asking of us: the aim is to work hard and implement his ideas on the pitch. In football, you need time, something we don’t have a lot of. Irrespective of tactics and systems, the attitude you display is key: everyone has to give their all.

“Every change has been made with the goal of improving. I think that we’re trying our best, even if things aren’t going exactly to plan. Nevertheless, I’m certain that we’ll improve. Coaches and sporting directors change, it happens. However, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. COVID-19 hasn’t been good for football in general, we miss our fans and the adrenaline they give us: this is a very important part of matches. We need to adapt to the current situation and this kind of environment: the most important thing right now is to win. As regards myself, I’m not thinking about the transfer window but how to ensure that I’m ready for our next match instead. I think that everybody should be focusing on this, then we’ll see what happens in the future.

“When certain measures are taken, it is to improve relations between players, to be more focused on daily work. We work on training and bring everything to the field on Sunday. My future at Parma? Right now, I am concentrating on my day-to-day training, to improve physically and technically, then I will think about my future. At this moment in time the team comes before my own personal future. I work hard, my physique responds well, and I believe that I can play on for another year, but this is not the most important thing, what matters more is how we work this week and how we win the next match.

“Two things I can say about what happened recently. The first: we do not have any kind of problem in the locker room. Then, certain types of reactions like those after the final whistle in Crotone are positive, because it cannot be nice when you lose. Sometimes you must show that you do not like it when you lose, especially when it’s against a direct competitor. On the other hand, it is not positive when you lose and nothing happens, or no one seems to care about the defeat: then that is a problem. But when you lose and see reactions from people who want to win, that is an appropriate reaction.”