Collecchio, 2 January 2021Fabio Liverani had his say ahead of tomorrow’s game against Torino at the Tardini.

“We’re going into this one after two defeats, so it’s definitely time for a bit of redemption. We want a win, which would be a huge boost for our confidence. We want to forget our last game of the year because we didn’t perform well. We’re only thinking about getting back on track: the boys were angry in the best of ways. We know how to play against teams in trouble but they’re on the way up after the draw against Napoli. They are also not playing to the best of their abilities. It’s a difficult fixture and we’ll concentrate on what we need to do to win.”

“Gervinho is a big loss for us; we don’t have any other players like him in the team. It’s a good opportunity to look at options other than Gervinho. Mihaila is back but he hasn’t played 90 minutes yet. We’ll need to look to try and hurt them, be determined, make the right choices in terms of whether to play someone in or shoot. We’ve struggled with that a little bit. We need players to get in the box, otherwise, it’s hard to score. The training camp? The atmosphere isn’t a happy one right now, though it wouldn’t be clever to be happy. We need to be calm and understand our situation, which is tough but we can get through it. As I always say, this team has never really been above 50%, for reasons I have mentioned before. I’m convinced we have ample room for improvement. We need to improve up top. Games like this can give a lot of insight, hopefully good. The team needs to stick together and get to know one another better. Not being together doesn’t help in that regard. We took these days to get to know each other a bit more. We’re now a more united group with the desire to survive. The lads are training at a good level. I have the fortune to coach a strong group of great lads, who have exceptional characters. We need to perform consistently and we can only do that together. The games will tell us if we’ve improved or not.”

“Torino, like us and a few other teams, have changed a lot. Some have changed coaches, we have also changed ownership and our Sporting Director. The difficulties that result from that are there for all to see this season. Torino, like us, have the squad to do better than they are. We need to look at their squad, conscious of the quality they have. We need to be attentive and at the top of our game to win. Giampaolo gives the team an identity. As coaches, we impart our identities on our teams. Giampaolo has a philosophy, he works and is respectful. I admire him a lot. We are always under the microscope; I’m fine with that because I always do my job to the best of my ability. We’re judged for results.”

“We haven’t hit our stride but we have some very creative players. We’re not looking for that role in the transfer market. We’ll add to our attacking options; the rest of the squad is complete. We need to find that player, who can give us a bit of continuity because they are essential to play a certain style of football. Cyprien? He’s in contention to start tomorrow.”

“We’re lacking goals from our strikers. Cornelius and Inglese haven’t been able to play consistently through injury. Karamoh is in his first proper season and probably doesn’t have the characteristics to make him our main goal threat. Gervinho has the most confidence and experience and has scored four goals. We’ll need to see with the others. Both Brunetta and Mihaila need to be assessed, we can’t really know what they’ll add to the attack. We’ll learn whether Cornelius and Gervinho are fully fit today. Inglese has basically been out for two years. The others don’t have the experience in the league to guarantee us five or six goals per season. This is our main problem.”

“There are a few different explanations for the Crotone game. We were tired and off the pace in the first half, didn’t get forward and weren’t adventurous enough. We let them have it. We’re still upset about it but there were good things in the second half; we did create chances and could’ve come away with all three points. Crotone played well and we were too fatigued to get a foothold in the first half.”

“Mihaila won’t start but is another option off the bench. It’s taken a while, but the new guys are integrating more and more each day. The language is a big problem. During games, talking and helping each other takes on a very high value. They’re learning and problems related to COVID-19 have had an impact. We were giving them lessons but that stopped a little bit. They’re at our disposal and are useful to us. It’s a difficult season and we need to be patient. Gervinho? He’s always in contact with us. He had a scan and has started his recovery process. He’s travelling today and will get to Collecchio tomorrow to finish up. He’s progressing well. Fortunately, it wasn’t a bad injury and from tomorrow, we’ll be able to observe him and give a more precise date for his return.”