Parma, 3 January 2021 – “There’s a big sense of regret. We knew that this was a crucial game for us, a match where we had to find a result and unfortunately we were unable to.” These were the words of Parma defender Simone Iacaponi, who analysed today’s match against Torino while speaking to DAZN. “Maybe the final scoreline is slightly unfair, but we shouldn’t have conceded in the way that we did. We need to do some soul-searching and pick ourselves up again because we play another match on Wednesday. Results need to come as quickly as possible. We must work harder and give more, what we are giving is not enough and obviously there is more to do.

“The forwards aren’t scoring? It’s unfortunate: it’s important for strikers to find the net. It’s essential for them and also for us. It’s clear that it’s not just up to them to score, we need to find a way to get it to them and create as many opportunities as possible. Our strikers have the quality and strength to score as they always have.

The team has always been on Liverani’s side and always will be. As we’ve always done, we’ll carry on working on the pitch and doing what the Coach asks of us. We have a game on Wednesday and must focus on that and what he tells us to do.”