Parma, 9 January 2020 – Today, Kyle Krause also spoke during Roberto D’Aversa’s presentation press conference at the Stadio Tardini. This is what the Parma Calcio President had to say:

“First of all, I’d like to say a few words about Fabio Liverani, who is a great person and someone I hold in high esteem. However, things didn’t work out how we’d planned, so a change was deemed necessary. I wish Liverani all the best for the future, but let’s now focus on the here and now and our future. We’ll be going forward with D’Aversa. I spoke with my team and with people on the outside in order to determine who would be the best choice for our new Coach. Having Roberto back was my first choice and was also a common consensus. As we look at the current situation and towards the future, it’s a good idea to analyse our current squad and how things will look in the future. I have full confidence in the players and the Coach. Myself, my staff, Marcello Carli and the city are all confident: the Club can reach the heights that it’s achieved in the past. After bringing back D’Aversa, our priority is to stay in Serie A. I’ll do everything I can to fully support Carli and the Coach.

“I think that we should treat Parma Calcio like any other company: what we’re looking for is improvement, both in terms of the company and personnel. And I don’t believe that age should be a factor in determining a player’s value or if they are ready or not: the work done by D’Aversa in the past two years backs up this point. The Coach has been able to attend half a training session up to now, so he hasn’t been able to analyse what he’s got to work with in depth. However, we’re ready to give him as much help as possible today and in the future. You know that the initial plan for Parma Calcio was, and I can tell you that this has never changed. While the Coach works with the team, we’ll continue to do what’s necessary to help them.”

“I welcome the fact that Carli has taken responsibility. However, I’m ultimately responsible for what happens to the Club and team because I’m the President. I know that it’s difficult to make comparisons between Italian and American football, even if I’ve been involved with a team in my country for 20 years. I understand that even the most casual Parma fan would be disappointed by the current situation. Of course I’m disappointed, but this hasn’t dampened my passion and desire to continue this project. You always learn from challenges, especially difficult ones. Since I became President a short while ago, I’ve certainly had some challenges to face, but this hasn’t resulted in my passion diminishing. Forza Parma, always!”