Reggio Emilia, 17 January 2021 – “I am good, everything’s okay. We are all disappointed because we lacked very little. We’re frustrated, we could have brought home three points but instead it’s only one”. These are the words of Parma midfielder Juraj Kucka who spoke with DAZN after today’s draw in Sassuolo. “We have to look ahead of us, improve on these things. We must stay focused for 95-100 minutes, for the whole duration of the match. Footballers don’t make excuses. Tired or not, we must remain alert, every one of us – starting with myself – makes mistakes. We must try to avoid these errors, reflect on whether a player could be a danger or not. These things happen in football, we move on”.

“Given all the absences it is a difficult period, to tell the truth. But we know who we are, there is nobody else, and only we can get ourselves out of this situation. All of us together, united, we have to fight in every match to get out of this tough moment. The return of D’Aversa? This is football. Coaches come and go. We can’t do anything about it. These are the decisions of the club, we must respect them and work on the pitch”.