Napoli, 31 January 2021 – Here are the words of Coach Roberto D’Aversa after Napoli vs. Parma:


In terms of the performance, the lads played a good game considering we were up against a team that statistically have taken the most shots this season. As for the two goals we conceded, a team fighting for survival can’t concede goals in this manner. Their determination could be seen, not only when trying to keep the opponents out, but also going and hunting the game. We had chances but unfortunately we will be returning home with two goals conceded and none scored. We must think about improving this aspect of our game. We must take this determination back with us because this was our biggest quality last year. Everything will certainly be done to make sure the lads understand the significance of bringing home a result, the significance of maintaining our top flight status, the significance of winning a battle, and the significance of putting on a Parma shirt. This is a glorious shirt; we must respect it right up until the last second of the last match of the championship”.

“Slow pace? I wouldn’t say so, we played according to our game plan across the board and considering the strength of the opposition we played a good match. If we look at the circumstance of the first goal, it is a case in point, we were displaced but not voluntarily, there was someone who slipped and another who didn’t make the interception. In hard times we must think hard and study the key moments of the game, often they didn’t allow us to get out because they were holding us back; then regardless of the decision for the foul, whether it was or it wasn’t, certain situations must be prevented, and this is an aspect that needs to be improved”.

“The chances to score were there, it was the same against Sampdoria and again tonight, we need quality and at the moment we are getting the simple things wrong: this must be improved. If we then look at the statistics, the only team with an out-and-out centre forward is us, we don’t have the option to use a substitute, to make a change. We only have Cornelius, so it is normal that this aspect is difficult to improve. Bologna? It’s an important derby, we will prepare as best as we can, mentally we need to change something, and it will be good to figure it out right away”.