Parma, 3 February 2021 – Here are the first words of Mattia Bani as a Crociati player, direct from Collecchio:

“I will try to bring my experience from all my years here, we are aware that there is a need to find some courage but when you play these games you also need a little bravado. I am convinced that the team has great qualities. I think this month is as decisive as every other, we have to find 27 points and we can never afford to think that one game is more important than another. We know we have to save ourselves, and the quicker the better, but we will fight for this goal until the very last game”.

“Parma are a prestigious club, the opportunity presented itself in recent days and I had no doubts, especially because I believe that this team can be saved this year and that there may be an important project for many years. I played and trained right up until the other day, so physically I’m fine”.

“I watched Parma’s last game in Napoli and in my opinion the boys played an excellent match, you have to consider that they were playing against Napoli away; besides, they also struggled to get out of their own half in the second half, however all the conditions are there to do well. We need to add that courage and bravado that leads you to achieve important results, to make one more run than the opponent, which is what then leads you to win games”.

“It is difficult now to think about personal goals, we all have a single goal which is the most important one, namely, to stay in the division; the individual has to be put aside in order for the group to come out of this difficult time. Against Bologna I expect a difficult match, but last year I was playing there, and I can say that Parma have always been a tough opponent, both games last season ended in a draw. They are open games, whoever makes fewer mistakes will have the greater chance to take home the three points, we know that these games go down to the wire”.

“I’ve been here for two days; we’re trying to integrate, and the Coach is trying to make people understand what his idea of football is, and we must be good at interpreting it”.