Parma, 5 February 2021 – Crociati History in the Derby dell’Emilia has rather more recent roots.

The origins of this rivalry go back to 1980s, an era in which three epic clashes were witnessed on home turf.

The footballing rivalry between the capital of the Duchy and the capital of the region kicked off with the legendary 3-3 draw in 1983, continued with the hard-fought 1-0 win in 1985 and developed further with a spectacular 2-0 win in 1987.

It is the story of this latter fixture that we want to retell today, with two days until we next host Bologna at the Tardini – Sunday 7 February (18:00 CET) on matchday 21 of Serie A TIM 2020/21.

It was Sunday 3 May 1987.

In Serie B, Arrigo Sacchi’s newly promoted Parma side were in contention for promotion and the final push was about to begin.

Gianluca Signorini opened the scoring with just ten minutes until full time.

It was the key moment in that win over Giovan Battista Fabbri’s Bologna, who could count on players like Eraldo Pecci, Giancarlo Marcocchi and Lorenzo Marronaro.

Normally deployed as a holding midfielder to maintain balance in a Parma team renowned for attacking football, but he decided to take matters into his own hands in the 79th minute.

Our number six scored the opener from a corner taken from the right-hand side, slipping as he finished (1-0).

Signorini, who celebrated with his arm raised in salute to the Curva Nord, created the second not long after.

In the 87th minute, Parma showed some training-ground preparation. He chipped his free-kick sideways into the box for one of his teammates and Aladino Valoti got the telling touch.

Our right winger stuck it well on the volley and celebrated with an outburst of pure joy in front of the Curva Nord, which, in those days, was still far back from the pitch (2-0).

Parma ended the season in seventh place with 40 points, ahead of Bologna in tenth with 38.

Header: Signorini with then assistant manager Gedeone Carmignani.

Photos: the Curva Nord’s tifo; Sacchi; Signorini’s joy; Valoti in action. Below: the Crociati’s tifo before the game.