Parma, 7 February 2021 – “We all know that this is a truly difficult moment, we must try to give our all every day to get out of this situation. I think we have the quality and the capability to do better, we all have to take responsibility for the situation. These are the thoughts of Parma defender Bruno Alves, who spoke with Sky Sport after today’s match against Bologna. “The only route for us at the moment is to work even harder, day after day. We must work better as a team because this is what is letting us down on the pitch. We have the quality and the capability to do better”.

“When you’re going through a tough time, every little error puts you on the wrong path. It’s difficult to explain. We need to be more prepared mentally and not commit any errors, because our situation requires our utmost concentration on the pitch. We need to take responsibility for getting out of this. The only path I know is to work better as a team, work harder together and take responsibility”.

“I maintain that we have the quality and capability to get out of this poor run. We have a lot of the same players that were here last season. As I said, it’s tough to get out of this rut mentally but we have the capacity to score and to play better. We need to train as hard as we can and give it our all. We have to show this in our next few games”.